5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes This Summer

Flying grit from off-roading or yard work, chemicals in pools, a
sun that sears delicate tissues — summer is an obstacle course for your
precious eyes. You can still have fun, but you may need to take some steps to
protect your peepers.
A lot of this is common sense, which, sadly, is not always so
1) Wear sun protection.
 This should be a no
brainer. Sunglasses should fit close to the face or wraparound. Some
people like dark tints, but the UV-blocking coating is the same on any color.
Polarized lenses may be more comfortable for workers outside because they block
2) Wear serious eye protection while tackling home projects,
including yard work
By eye protection, I do not mean reading or sunglasses, this means
professional quality goggles from a home supply store. Debris flying from
a lawnmower, chopping wood, hammering nails, sawdust, and anything else that
can fly around, people should wear eye protection.
3) Protect eyes during sports.
 The bigger the ball, the less likely an eye injury, a
basketball is unlikely to injure eyes, but baseballs, softballs, golf
balls, squash, and handballs are more likely to cause an injury.
4) Protect eyes from chemicals.
Not only is it important to protect your eyes from pool water, but
also natural chemicals like poison ivy, oak and sumac and even hot peppers!
Keep your hands away from your eyes when working around these bad boys.
5) Protect against summer “fun”.
 No matter how often the warning goes out, 8,500 people get
hurt by fireworks each year in the U.S., 2,000 of these are eye injuries
with one-third of the eye injuries resulting in permanent eye damage. 
Watch for snapping bungee cords, they can whip at 50 mph. Also
beware of yard darts and even           badminton birdies; I have seen firsthand the
damage they can cause to the eye.

So, even if it seems there is no common sense in our
government today, please use common sense when it comes to your eyes!!


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