Christmas Trivia – Did you know?

1. What year did Bing Crosby release the song White Christmas
a. 1942
b. 1947
c. 1970
d. 2007

2. In the 1992 film ‘Muppet Christmas Carol’ which British actor played Scrooge?
a. Roger Moore
b. Michael Caine
c. Bob Hoskins
d. Alaster Sim

3. Which famous composer created the music for the festive ballet “The Nutcracker”?
a. Beethoven
b. Brahms
c. Tchaikovsky
d. Handel

4. Which German City is the gingerbread capital of the world?
a. Berlin
b. Frankfort
c. Nuremberg
d. Stuttgart

5. The first Christmas Stamp was issued in which country?
a. Canada
b. Denmark
c. Germany
d. Poland


Answers later today!


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