Cranberries – Healthy for the Eyes

Don’t give up those cranberry products just because Thanksgiving is over. For the past decade, the consumption of cranberries has increased due to the health-promoting effects. Maintaining urinary tract health is the most commonly known health benefit of cranberries and cranberry products. Even dried cranberries are healthy. What do these do for the eye?
Introducing cranberries into your meals is a tasty way to boost your health. Cranberries are a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, beta-carotene, and fiber.
Another potential benefit is the natural anti-inflammatory, your Folic acid, carrot noise, such as Lutein which promotes eye health.
Vitamins and minerals do have health benefits, but too much can also cause harm.
• Vitamin C helps to protect the eye against UV light damage.
• Vitamin A to nourish other parts of your eye, including the cornea. Without vitamin A, your eyes cannot produce enough moisture.
• Calcium regulates how light-sensitive cells in the retina recover after being exposed to light. There is such a thing as too much calcium in the body so consults with your physician to watch your calcium levels.
• Beta carotene is a provitamin, a carotennoid, that the body converts to vitamin A. It supports our health and prevents eye disease.
• Fiber helps protect the retina and lowers the risk of developing cataracts.

Cranberry products have healthy benefits you should be indulging in throughout the year not just at Thanksgiving. Add dried cranberries to a salad, or an ice cold cranberry juice to drink. Try to find cranberry products with as few additives as possible to get the most from the cranberry products you choose.



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