To Patients With Davis Vision

Eyegotcha is dedicated to giving each and every patient an exceptional experience in eye care. We are committed to providing the highest quality and most advanced eye care and eyewear to every patient.

Because of our dedication to providing exceptional and thorough eye care (and eyewear), we are no longer able to work within the stifling constraints of Davis Vision.

For you to experience our exceptional service, just make an appointment and our friendly staff will show you how easy it is to get reimbursed from Davis with the form our office supplies to you.

For your first visit, we will perform an Optomap scan at no charge. For more information on this advanced technology, see Optos.

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From anonymous

“I was very impressed with Eyegotcha. They were friendly, knowledgable, and patient and they have a very nice selection of frames. Dr. Wendel took time with me and explained the exam, and the staff helped me fill out the reimbursement form for Davis Vision. I highly recommend Eyegotcha.”


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