Eye Didn’t Know That!

I guess like any business, when you work with something every day, you tend to think that everyone knows what you know, so when I get questions in Giant Eagle that I assume everyone knows, I take note.

For instance, I have many patients ask if we take Flex Dollars, or MSA’s (medical savings accounts). And, yes, we take MSA’s and Flex Dollar Plans or accounts. We are a qualified medical expense for these programs.

Another question that always surprises me is, if a patient can come in if they have a red eye. Optometrists are Doctors of Optometry and attend school for 8 years after high school; we are qualified not only to treat red eyes but also Glaucoma. We co-manage Lasik patients, along with prescribing glasses we can prescribe medications, and treat many ocular conditions.

Many people are surprised that they can come to our office under their major medical coverage. As Optometrists, we are eye health care professionals that are state licensed to diagnose and treat diseases of the eye and visual system which is covered under major medical plans. In other words, if anything is bothering you about your eyes, OTHER THAN your glasses needing updating, such as you see spots, something hurts, you need a dilated fundus exam for your diabetes, they tear, sting, itch, goo is coming out of them etc….these symptoms are covered under major medical, NOT vision plans.

Our office takes two major vision plans, VBA and VSP: we take ALMOST ALL major medical plans..Even with the Affordable Care Act, there still are uninsured people out there and, yes, you can come to our office even if you have no insurance.


Why don’t you take Davis Vision? I would need hours to answer this, along with wine and valium to keep my blood pressure down. The short answer is: Davis Vision was about 65% of my practice so this was not a decision I made lightly. Don’t take my word for how undesirable Davis is, J.D. Powers ranks them DEAD LAST among vision plans, (go ahead, goggle it, I did!). The good news is, it is easy to come for your eye care with us, even if Davis is your vision plan. If you have a medical condition or complaint (high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, red eyes, pain, dry eyes, seeing spots, goo coming out of your eyes etc…..we can see you under your major medical insurance, instead of Davis, and as far as glasses go, we can help you fill out paper work so you can be reimbursed from Davis, or we can give you your Rx to be filled at a Davis provider. 

If you are also unhappy with Davis Vision, I would suggest you speak with your human resource department to see if they offer an alternative plan.

As for me, I am off to Giant Eagle for my turkey!! Have a great Thanksgiving!


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