floaters are those small moving spots, or cobwebs that drift aimlessly in your
field of vision called Muscae volitantes, Latin for flying flies. 


form when tiny pieces of the eye’s gel, vitreous, breaks loose within the eye.
Floaters are visible because of the shadow they cast on the retina. They may be
especially noticeable when you look at a light background, such as white paper
or a blue sky.
can be annoying, but most floaters and spots are not cause for alarm.
when are they cause for alarm? Occasionally floaters are a sign of a more
serious condition, especially when flashes of light or loss of vision
accompanies them. The cause of these symptoms could be a retinal tear or
detachment. In this case, seek immediate attention from your eye care
specialist, an ophthalmologist can reattach the retina and restore function
before vision is permanently lost.
in mind that most floaters are harmless and just annoying, however, once you
develop them, they usually do not go away, but they tend to improve over time.




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