Google Glass: the Next Big Thing?

Just when you think
you’ve seen it all in mobile computing, something new and very different comes
Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google Inc., wears Project Glass Internet glasses while speaking at a conference in San Francisco. (
The latest device
generating significant buzz is Google Glass – a wearable computer with a tiny
head mounted display that’s being developed by the Internet search company .
The device, which looks
like futuristic eyewear, is a radical departure from Smartphones and tablet
computers in that it offers 100 % hands free computing.
Using only verbal
commands like, “OK, Glass, record a video,” or “OK Glass, send a
message to “eyegotcha,”   you’ll be able to record a video,
send an e-mail, share photographs, search the Web, and perform several other
computing tasks without touching a keyboard or screen.
Google Glass is
scheduled for commercial launch in the United States later this year. The
estimated price will be “under $1,500” according to several sources.
(All About Vision Magazine)


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