Menopause and Eye Health

Hormonal fluctuation affects how your eyes function, eye shape may change slightly, estrogen can make the cornea less stiff and with more elasticity and can affect how light travels through the eye.



Dry Eye – when estrogen and androgen levels decrease, so does the salty solution of your inner tear film and the oily layer of your outer tear film and the eye doesn’t produce lubricant naturally.

Cataracts – caused by decreased estrogen level. Women are disproportionately affected accounting for 61% higher risk of developing cataracts than men of the same age.

Glaucoma – another ocular condition for which age is a risk factor, lots of estrogen can be linked to increased ocular pressure. 59% of Glaucoma patients are women.

AMD (Age-related macular Degeneration) – is the leading cause of significant vision loss in adults over the age of 55 and women have a higher risk than men. AMD is also linked to estrogen production.

If you are a woman of menopausal age taking a proactive approach is key. Diet, exercise, hydration and adopting a healthy lifestyle are the best path to preserving your vision, as well as an annual visit to your eye doctor. Early detection and treatment can prolong your vision.


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