Menopause and the Eyes

Many of us know the symptoms, whether it is from personal experience or knowing someone experiencing menopause. Menopause happens because your hormone levels drop, and you stop ovulating and having periods.

Hot flashes, night sweats, palpitations, reduced sex drive, joint stiffness, Poor sleep, headaches, anxiety, mood, changes, memory, and problems with concentration, but most people don’t know that menopause can affect the eyes.

Various eye changes may occur during times of fluctuating hormone levels. Around the time of menopause, eyesight may be slightly altered. Eye shape may change at this time.

Other problems of the eyes commonly seen during this life stage:

• dry eye syndrome
• Cataracts
• Glaucoma
• Blurry vision
• Corneas can begin to stiffen when estrogen levels are reduced.

The good news is that some eye issues may be resolved once hormone levels balance out.
Not every person will experience these symptoms and conditions during this stage of life. Stay on top of vision and eye health as you would any other system in the body. Regular eye checkups are vital in finding eye diseases early.




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