Multiple Sclerosis and Vision Problems

Jack Osbourne’s recent diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, it has brought
attention to the fact that vision problems are relatively common in people with
most common problem is optic neuritis, according to the National Multiple
Sclerosis Society. Optic neuritis is the inflammation of the optic nerve.
Symptoms include the sudden onset of blurred vision, graying of vision, or
blindness in one eye.
is rare to have both eyes affected at the same time, and pain is also rare. At
first, the symptoms worsen, but in a few days, they start to get better, and
usually resolve in four to twelve weeks .Treatment may include intravenous
and/or oral steroids to control the inflammation. Occasionally, double vision
occurs due to the weakening of one or more eye muscles, and usually resolves on
its own.
uncontrolled eye movements, is another symptom of MS, and temporary blindness,
almost always caused by optic neuritis, in one eye can occur, especially when
the disease flares up.
if you or anyone you know experiences any of these symptoms, you should see
your eye care professional as soon as possible.


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