No Drops after Cataract Surgery?

Because of potential complications, it has been customary to
prescribe numerous drops after cataract surgery. Usually a steroid, an
antibiotic and an NSAID, all taken four times a day. This can be a problem for
those that have trouble putting drops in their eyes. Not a problem if you have
a significant other or person to help, but what about those that don’t?
Now there is a post surgical injection of Kenalog combined
with antibiotics and an NSAID to replace the drops post-op. So far, the
injection looks promising. Since this is in its early stages, where to place
the injection and dosage is still in question. Personally, if I was able to, or
have a person to help, today, I would opt for the drops, mostly because it is a
tried and true procedure. I believe they still have a few bugs to work out, but
I can see the injections replacing the drops in the near future.
Studies suggest that only about 30% of patients are
compliant with their post-op drops, the injections will eliminate this concern.
But, for those that took Vioiox, and were told it was the best thing since
sliced bread, we know that that wasn’t true.

The injection looks promising, but I want to see more
research before I recommend it to patients.


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