Eye Care Center

The Eye Care Center is a built representation of the eye. It is a physical expression of the building’s reason for being-vision. At the lens (entrance) the patient realized the path (wedge) of an image received by the eye. The image is received upside-down on the retina; the history of the practice (its old location across the street) is turned upside-down by this new architecture. From the retina, a signal is transmitted to the brain (the white exam rooms).

Experiencing this building, therefore, will heighten the awareness of a patient’s own vision. The concept is to raise people’s awareness of their surroundings, their feelings, and their physicality.

Eye for an Eye

The staff is professionally trained by the Para-optometic Association, which enables them to fit you with your eyewear as well as answer your questions. If you have any questions please call, email, or fax the office. Dr. Wendel’s professionalism, the comfortable atmosphere of the building, and the staff will welcome you!

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Our Goal

Our aim is to reaffirm that the physical experience of architecture can resonate within our inner being and reality; to assert architecture as both a way to link ourselves with the world and a means to experience being alive!