Pink Eye, It Can Happen To Anyone

The topic of pink
eye has never been so popular a topic as it is right now. With over 26
million viewers tuning in to watch the Olympics, Americans have watched Bob
Costas’s conjunctivitis (pink eye) go from being in one eye, then
worsen, and go to both eyes. Matt Lauer interviewed him after he flew
in from Sochi on the” Red Eye”, his ocular condition prompted many
commentators to remark, “Can’t someone help him?”
“Pink eye,” is one of
the most common eye infections worldwide, it is highly symptomatic,
causing discomfort, tearing, lid swelling, photophobia, and
decreased vision. Outbreaks of viral conjunctivitis spare no nationality,
age, gender, or social class.
And there is no magic
wand to make it go away, some things just have to run their course. Contact
lens wearers should take one important lesson from this: if it can happen to
Bob Costas, it can happen to anyone. And that is why every contact lens wearer
should have a pair of glasses that they are not ashamed to wear in public,
because they may have to someday, and it usually happens at the worst possible
time, like during the Olympics, in front of 26 million viewers.


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