Safety For Father’s Day


So, you have finally decided on the perfect Father’s Day gift for Dad. You walk into the hardware store and see the display of beautiful, shiny new tools, and the best accessories to go with your gift choice, but is the best accessory there? Probably not, most people forget safety, glasses, or goggles. These could be the most important gift of all.

2.5 million Americans suffer an eye injury, and more than half of those occur at home.

10,000 injuries occur each year that require medical attention, related to power tools. Most injuries occur when eye protection is worn, but not properly fitted or not worn at all.

Shavings from wood or metal flying into the eye is the most common type of injury associated with power tools. Dirt, dust, pollen, and wood can irritate your eyes and cause long-lasting your sight. It is highly recommended by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, that every household have at least one pair of ANSI-approved protective eyewear.

If you use a lawnmower, leaf blower, drill, or similar power tools, you need protective eyewear. These glasses should have a snug, wrap-style frame, to decrease the likelihood of small, airborne particles getting behind the lenses.

If you wear corrective lenses, you can buy goggles that fit over your glasses. But a better and more comfortable choice is to buy a pair of customized safety eyewear with polycarbonate lenses from an optical shop.




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