Surprising Culprits of Dry Eye

If your eyes are dry and you can’t figure why, it may be due to the medications you’re taking, even the ones over the counter.

Most people don’t realize, but it’s been known for a long time that antibiotics can cause dry eye, in fact penicillin can not only cause dry eye but also make your eyes red and itchy enough to blur your vision.

Other common prescription drugs like birth control pills can cause hormone fluctuations that can not only dry an eye but also can cause light sensitivity.

Antidepressants can disrupt normal tear production causing dry eyes or make your eyes more sensitive or occasionally even cause double vision.

Allergy medications, both over the counter and prescription, taken by mouth may dry your sinuses, but unfortunately they also dry your eyes.

Most people are not aware that over the counter pain relievers can cause dry eye, and believe it or not, some artificial tears can do the opposite of their intention because of an inexpensive but harsh preservative called BAK. Always avoid any eye drop with that preservative.

Dry eye can not only be uncomfortable but it usually also blurs your vision.

 Thinking about Evgeni Malkin being out for the rest of the season may bring temporary relief of your dry eyes by the tears that this thought produces. But for more long term relief try a good quality artificial tear and drinking more fluids. If this don’t do the job, then it might be time for the only approved Rx for dry eye, Restasis.



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