The Importance of Continuing Education for Doctors

I spent this weekend in Niagara Falls, NY at an Eye
Care Conference refreshing my knowledge about Glaucoma, and learning some new
treatments. but why is it important for Doctors to continue their
education throughout their career?
  1. To update themselves in clinical knowledge
  2. Improve their performance as a Physician
  3. Better  outcomes in patient treatment

A Doctor’s education never ends. Post residency a Doctor
will pursue continuing education requirements so that they can stay up to date
in their field. A certification board requires a certain number of CME (Continuing
Medical Education) annually to retain certification in that field. Doctors earn
CME, while learning of new advancements in their specialty. There are many new
tools, new ideas and new technology in medicine being discovered every day.
Doctors need to stay abreast of the current research and developments.  Using this new knowledge, Doctors can improve
the treatment to their patients with better results.


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