Top 10… Things You Didn’t Know About Your Eyes and Glasses

10. Historically
sailor’s believed that wearing golden ear rings were the best method for
improving vision.

 9. Reading glasses were believed to be invented around the year 1260.

 8. As early as the year 1000, it is believed that people used stones made
of glass to magnify and aid in reading.

 7. Eyeglasses for distance-vision appeared sometime around the 1400s.

 6. Early glasses had ribbons of silk or other material for arms.

 5. Progressive multi-focal lenses where invented in 1958 by the French
company: Essilor International.

 4. It is recommended that you never use tissue or paper products to clean
your glasses, because it is derived from wood and will scratch your lenses.

 3. Polarized lenses make LCD screens tough to see.

 2. UV radiation can damage the eyes even when it is not sunny out.

And the #1 thing you didn’t know….

Spinach and other dark-leafy vegetables are the best for your
eyes, carrots are good, but the dark-leafs are better.


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