What is Retinoschisis?

Retinoschisis is a condition in which an area of the retina has separated into two layers. The retina is the tissue inside the back of the eye that changes what you see into electrical signals that travel to the brain. Retinoschisis can be genetic or degenerative.

When the retina splits, tiny lumps called cysts form between the layers. These cysts damage nerves and keep light signals from reaching the brain. Damaged nerves can make vision blurry. How the condition affects vision will depend on where it develops in the retina. Retinoschisis in the macular affect central vision. Retinoschisis outside of the macular affects peripheral vision.

Diagnosis is usually made during an examination of the back of the eye (fundus) where any splits, tears or rips might be seen using Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) OCT uses light waves to create images of the retina.

IMAGE: https://recognizingpathology.optos.com/retinoschisis/






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