Whiplash or Concussion

It’s a sad day in the ‘burgh………
Whiplash or Concussion? (Not that it matters now)
With just a few minutes left in the game Ben
Roethlisberger was sacked by the Ravens’ Courtney Upshaw, landing on his head.
It was the fifth time he was sacked in the game. Within minutes he was back in
the game and proceeded to throw a bad interception, not that there’s a good
According to sideline reporter Michelle Tafoya, the
Steelers only examined Roethlisberger’s neck. That’s a common tactic to avoid
having to administer the formal concussion protocol, injury expert Will Carroll
pointed out.
Did Roethlisberger have another concussion on
Saturday?  “…… just like a
little whiplash on my neck, I was just kind of laying down there and wanted to
make sure I could feel everything. It was more just whiplash on my neck,” Roethlisberger
said. “Right now it feels OK, I’ll probably be sore tomorrow.”
A concussion commonly affects the pupils of the eye. They
can be bigger than normal (dilated) or of unequal size (anisocoria). Unequal pupils’
size can be a sign of a brain injury possibly more serious than a concussion.

 Whiplash or
concussion?  The Steelers don’t have to
release an end of season injury report, so it won’t be known for awhile.


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