Your guide to buy the right pair of sunglasses

As nice weather takes hold in the Pittsburgh area we will be out doors more frequently and exposed to UV rays more often. UV exposure and damage can be done to our eyes at any season including overcast days we tend to spend more time in the sun during the spring and summer months. I found this guide to purchase the correct “shades” very informative.

Your guide to buy the right pair of sunglasses
If you are confused about which sunglasses will be the best for your eye health, read this.

Tania Tarafdar May 19, 2016 at 06:28 pm

Sunglasses aren’t just to make you look stylish while you lounge on the beach. You must wear them to protect your eyes from UV damage. You will find dozens of a pair in different colors, styles and shapes to suit your look. While you may shell out a lot of money on a designer pair, the style might be the only thing they offer. These tips by eye specialist Dr AK Sahoo will help you buy the right pair of sunglasses.

UV protection: You need to ensure that your pair guarantees 100% UV protection. The UV rays from the sun can lead to cataracts and snow blindness which is temporary but painful sunburn of the eyes. UV rays can also cause damage to your retina that can impact your vision. Also, remember that the tint of the lens has nothing to do with UV protection. And if you’re not sure if your sunglasses have UV protection, get them tested at an ophthalmologist.

Fitting: Do not wear an ill-fitting pair of sunglasses as it can let the UV rays get into your eyes or the skin around your eyes. We are not saying that you should wear one that sticks to your brow, but you do not want to wear one that is too big or pushed way out. Sunglasses that wrap well around your eyes can keep away the allergens and block the stray UV light.

Polarized glasses: Polarized sunglasses are excellent to give you a clear vision in extreme sun. Although they have nothing to do with sun protection, they act as a filter to absorb light waves and reduce the glare on the beach, water and snow.

Shape: When it comes to the shape of the frame, opt for frames that do not match the shape of your face, says stylist Janet Fernandez. For example, if your face is round, choose for rectangular glasses. Aviators can be good for balancing out a narrow jawline and broad forehead. These tips will help you find the right sunglasses for your face shape.





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