Anti-reflective coatings you get what you pay for


I am sure you have heard the saying “you get what you pay for”. Well, this applies to the choices you make when choosing an A/R treatment.

Anti-reflective (A/R) treatment on eyeglasses is a treatment that is applied to reduce glare and to also help to protect against scratches.

AR treatments for glasses are cosmetic for the lenses and depending on your vision needs can potentially improve comfort and safety. One size does not fit all in this case. Some eyeglass treatments come bundled in the purchase price while others come in a range of prices. This is strictly a personal decision. Uses and needs should be discussed with your eye care professional.

Somethings you may want to consider:
Does this treatment carry a warranty? (Ours are guaranteed for 2 years)
What kind of extra care does this treatment require?

If the coating is applied during the purchase, the coating becomes part of the manufacturing process, it is more cost-effective and integrated. Adding the coating after purchasing, first will typically cost more. The coating may not stick as well if the lens has already been exposed to skin oils. If the lenses have already been scratched the scratches will be magnified by the coating and made worse for the wearer.

Advantages of an A/R treatment:

  1. A/R treatments give sharper and clearer vision than uncoated lenses.
  2. A/R treatments can improve night vision.
  3. A/R treatments reduce glare/strain/fatigue from computers/phones/tablets.
  4. A/R treatments are more resistant to scratches and more resistant to watermarks and dirt than untreated lenses.
  5. A/R treatments reduce the halo effect more than regular glasses
  6. A/R treatments make the lenses look clearer

It’s best to select a quality A/R treatment. A/R treatments allow you to see better, look better, and make for a better pair of glasses. Get the best A/R you can afford. If you can afford it, get good treatment on every pair of glasses you have. Just like lenses, your optician should be able to tell you what brand and what type of A/R treatment you are getting and give you information about your treatment. If you must choose between cheap A/R treatment or none at all, choose none at all. Cheap A/R treatments do nothing but scratch, smudge, and smear. If you have had issues with treatments chipping and peeling and flaking in the past, this is caused by a poor-quality treatment. Our treatments do not do that. We are so confident in our treatments they are guaranteed for two years.




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