Big Ben Diagnosed With Ocular Migraine

Last week Roethlisberger told 93.7 The Fan that he was diagnosed with a traumatic ocular migraine. He stated he has finished concussion protocol at the Steelers’ facility.

Earlier, Steelers’ coach Mike Tomlin said that Roethlisberger did sustain a concussion and must remain under the league’s concussion protocol, which will require Ben to pass a battery of tests before he can return to play.

Ben stated that “he didn’t feel right.” He said that his peripheral vision looked as if he was looking through water.

Ocular migraines usually cause sensitivity to light or sound, temporary vision loss, flashing lights or blindness commonly lasting less than a half hour, and a migraine headache can follow.

Experts aren’t sure what causes ocular migraines in the general population, whereas Ben’s was caused by trauma.

There has been little research to determine the best medications to treat or prevent ocular migraines; however the same medications that treat regular migraines are usually recommended.

Big Ben

Big Ben


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