Blue VS Brown Eyes

 What determines
the color of our eyes? Brown eyes are dominant, the blue eye gene is
recessive, meaning, if two brown eyed people have a child there is a 75%
chance the child will have brown eyes and only 25% chance of having a blue eyed
child. If both parents are blue eyed, the children will have blue eyes.
 A substance called
melanin determines the deepness of eye color. If an eye has a lot of
melanin and the melanin is near the surface of the iris, then that eye will be
a darker color. An eye with less melanin farther from the surface will be a
lighter color.
Melanin is important
because it protects our eyes from absorbing strong light.

If a child is born to
two blue eyed parents does not have blue eyes, then the blue eyed father is not
the biological father, maybe not such a good topic the day after Fathers Day…


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