Bono Blogs about Glaucoma

Recently Bono, from U2, wrote a blog titled, ” Little Book of a Big year: Bono’s A to Z of 2014″. It includes interesting stories about his band mates, his dyslexia, his motorcycle accident in Central Park and his glaucoma.

A is for his wife Ali, and G is for, you guessed it, glaucoma. Here is what he had to say: 

Completely unintentionally, in London in the autumn I confessed to the talk show host Graham Norton the reason that I wear tinted glasses is that I have been diagnosed as having glaucoma for the last seven years, but that I’ve probably had the disease as long as I’ve been wearing these kinds of glasses, which is 23 years!!!!

I think it shocked him a little bit… it certainly surprised the band that I’d gone public, but maybe it is time to be honest about such things. I remember I had the nickname old red eyes. I remember the agony of flashbulb staying permanently in my vision for the rest of the day after I’d been photographed. I had many eye checks over the years but one of the sly things about this “silent thief” is that you can have 20/20 vision straight ahead for some years even after your peripheral vision goes… If it’s not treated, blindness results. I think anyone who reaches 40 should have their eyes properly checked.

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