Can a Photo Reveal Cancer?

Recently the headlines read, “Cell Phone
Photo Reveals Son’s Hidden Cancer”.
A rare form of eye cancer, retinoblastoma, is
the most common form of cancer affecting the eye in children. It is a rapidly
developing cancer that involves the immature cells of the retina. Most
children survive this cancer, but about half lose the vision of the affected
eye. Please, don’t panic, this does not have to stop them from much, my
father-in-law was a “one eyed” mechanic and race car driver.
The most common and obvious sign of
retinoblastoma is an abnormal appearance of the retina as viewed through the
pupil, the medical term is leukocoria. One eye has the typical “Red
eye” appearance, and the other has a white reflection. 
The priority of retinoblastoma treatment is to
preserve the life of the child, then to preserve the vision, and then to
minimize complications or side effects of the treatment. The exact course of
treatment would depend on the individual case. 

Make an appointment with your child’s doctor if
you notice any changes to your child’s eyes that concern you. Retinoblastoma is
a rare cancer, so your child’s doctor may explore other more common eye
conditions first.


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