Cataracts VS Glaucoma

Two common ocular conditions that patients often
confuse are cataracts and glaucoma. They are both ocular conditions, but other
than that they have very little in common.

Let’s test your Ocular IQ:
1) Cataracts or glaucoma can lead
to permanent blindness?
Answer: Glaucoma can lead to permanent
blindness. Cataracts rarely lead to blindness, and if so, they are almost
always treatable.
2) Cataracts or glaucoma have/has no symptoms?
Answer: Glaucoma usually has no symptoms,
whereas cataracts always eventually cause cloudy or blurred vision.
3) Everyone will get glaucoma/cataracts if they
live long enough.
Answer: Everyone will get cataracts if they live
long enough, like wrinkles and gray hair. Glaucoma, on
the other hand, is usually inherited.
4) Glaucoma/cataracts is/are a clouding of the
lens of the eye.
 Answer: Cataracts are a clouding of the
lens of the eye; glaucoma is an increase in the eye pressure that causes damage
to the optic nerve.
5) Cataracts/glaucoma are/is treated with drops.
Answer: Glaucoma is usually treated with eye
drops, but laser surgery can be required. Cataracts usually require surgery.


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