Coat’s Disease

Recently Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman made it public about his daughter Grace having been diagnosed h Coat’s disease. Wanting to make other parents aware of this disease that can rob a seemingly healthy child of sight. Whether you agree with his political views or not this disease has no party affiliations. #knowtheglow the hashtag referring to the glow that appears on the on the eye in photos taken with a flash, on the same eye in many different photos, may indicate at least 20 different eye diseases and conditions and warrants an examination by an eye doctor.

Coat’s disease, first described in 1908 by Scottish ophthalmologist George Coats, is when there is abnormal development in the blood vessels behind the retina of the eye.  In people with Coat’s disease, retinal capillaries break open, this prevents the normal flow of blood and leak fluid into the back of the eye. If a large amount of fluid builds up and an increase of pressure can cause a detachment of the retina and a loss of vision.


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