Common Dog Eye Problems

 All common eye lid
disorders are the same in humans, no matter what race, because the anatomy of
the eye in all races is basically the same. But with dogs, eye, and eyelid
diseases, can differ, depending on breed, because of the difference in anatomy
of the eye in different breeds.
 For example, the
deep and large orbits of big breeds can make them more susceptible to
chronic conjunctivitis (pink eye) and lids that turn in. And the shallow orbits
of smaller dogs make their corneas more exposed to problems.

 “Conjunctivitis is inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye
and is the most common eye disease of all domestic animals,” says Dr.
Ralph Hamor, veterinary ophthalmologist at the University of Illinois
Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital in Urbana.

 The eye reddens because of the increased blood flow, and you may see
swelling. Both viruses and bacteria cause conjunctivitis, and allergens, to a lesser
extent. The treatment is the same for all breeds, as well as humans.
Antibiotics are prescribed for bacterial conjunctivitis, and sometimes steroids
are prescribed for viruses. Ointments are more commonly used in animals,
because they can be easier to get in their eye, and animals don’t have to be
concerned if the ointments blur their vision temporarily.

 Another common dog eye disorder is called entropion, that is a condition
where the eyelid turns in, causing the eye to water constantly. This causes
permanent tear stains that can’t be completely removed. Many conditions cause
the eyes to water such as hair falling in the eyes, and distrchiasis, or two
eye lashes growing from the same follicle, the extra lash can cause
  Clean the eyes
carefully with a wet cotton pad, using a separate pad for each eye and
making sure any debris buildup in the corner of the eye is removed. The
appearance of tear stains can be reduced by clipping the hair short, and
commercial grooming wipes are available to help with tear stains.

 As with humans, if the condition worsens, seek professional help.


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