Did you know? Pittsburgh Christmas Trivia

1. Bing Crosby, singer of White Christmas, had a 25% ownership of the Pittsburgh Pirates until he passed away in 1977.
2. Farkleberry tarts were sold by KDKA radio morning DJ Jack Bogut as a fundraiser for Children’s Hospital in the early 1970s during the Christmas season.
3. Since 1953, the lighting of the Horne’s tree has signified the beginning of the holiday season in Pittsburgh. The 100-foot-tall Christmas tree goes up on the corner of the old Joseph Horne’s Department store building at Penn Avenue and Stanwix Street.
4. Pittsburgh has only had a white Christmas 14% of the time since 1870 when records on weather have been kept. For Christmas to be considered “white,” an inch of snow must fall on Dec. 25.
5. Gimbals Department store’s talking tree, Trinna really had a live person inside speaking to children as they walked by.
6. Jay Livingston, one of the writers of the song Silver Bells was from the Pittsburgh area.



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