Does Being in Love Really Show in the Eyes?

The straight-up answer is yes. Science has proven it.
Attraction and love are often expressed through body language and the eyes show this with non-verbal communication:
• Mutual gaze
• Pupil dilation
• Eye flirting
• Smiling

Eyes matter when it comes to attraction and love. When people are surveyed about the features of a romantic partner, eyes are always at or near the top answers.

A study done at Harvard University results showed that couples who were together for a long time looked at each other while talking 75% of the time versus 30 to 60% on average.

There is a difference that shows in the eyes when someone is experiencing love or lust. A study at the University of Chicago noted that people feeling love look directly into the eyes of the other person. Someone feeling lust looked at the body parts of the other person. The study also showed that different networks of brain regions are activated by love or lust.

Seems all the great poets such as Shakespeare, Byron, Browning, and Chaucer have known this long before science.




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