Halloween Safety 2020

Over the past several years I have written about the dangers of a Halloween. Dangers such as cosmetic contact lenses costumes trick-or-treating and automobiles.

Halloween 2020 has its own safety tips in the era of Co-vid 19. After many fun activities for families postponed or canceled this year, many communities have decided to allow Halloween festivities to go on by following CDC guidelines.

Many traditional Halloween activities can be high-risk for spreading viruses, there are several safer, alternative ways to participate in Halloween activities.
The CDC has released a list consisting of risk levels for Halloween 2020 click here http://bit.ly/37jtOC8

In addition to Co-vid related Halloween safety just a reminder of common Halloween injuries.

  • Be sure costumes and masks give those little ghosts and goblins have a clear view of traffic, are not running out in the streets and are visible to drivers by having a flashlight or glow in the dark costumes or accessories.
  • If a sword, cane or stick is part of a costume make sure it is not sharp or long. A child may be easily hurt by these accessories if he or she stumbles or trips causing puncture wounds or injuries that penetrate the eye.
  • The most common eye specific injuries during Halloween is caused by decorative contact lenses. Contact lenses found in novelty shops, salons, Halloween shops or online are not FDA-approved and are being sold illegally. Contact lenses are medical devices and should be treated as such. Decorative or cosmetic lenses have also been found to contain chlorine.
  • It isn’t uncommon for children to break glow sticks, splashing the liquid into their eyes. Some glow sticks contain a chemical called dibutyl phthalate and hydrogen peroxide. If your child has gotten this substance in their eyes, the liquid from the glows sticks doesn’t usually cause serve long term injury, but can cause alarming eye pain.


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