Health at Your Fingertips

I have written several times about how many
health issues can be detected in our eyes, but it is also possible to see the
effects of some conditions by looking at our fingernails.
Small depressions or pitting, or the nail
separating from the bed, can indicate psoriasis. A majority of psoriasis
sufferers have some type of nail abnormality.
Nails normally curve at a slight upward angle
from the bed. Nails that curve downward could indicate problems with the lungs,
liver, cardiovascular system, inflammatory bowel disease or HIV infection.
Nails that are abnormally thin and flat can
indicate severe iron deficiency anemia and other systemic illnesses and
often result from repeated exposure to chemicals or trauma.
Horizontal lines (Beau’s lines) may be a sign of
injury to the nail or of peripheral vascular disease, diabetes, zinc deficiency
or the result of a high fever or sometimes, from being treated with
A pair of horizontal white lines running
parallel to the nail bed can be associated with liver or kidney disease and
also can come from chemotherapy.

And anyone that’s watched detective shows knows
that arsenic or lead can cause whitening or discoloration of the nail in
Multiple Beau’s Lines after Chemotherapy


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