Hey Doc, What’s Ptosis? I’m Not Toasted!

Ptosis, pronounced TOE-sis, is a drooping of one
or both eye lids, it usually is inherited and occurs later in life, but
occasionally, a person can be born with it. 
The degree of droopiness can vary during the day;
it usually increases when a person is tired. Depending on how severely the lid
droops, people with Ptosis may experience difficulty seeing. 
Sometimes people tilt their heads back to see
under the lid or raise their eyebrows to try to lift the lids. As the Ptosis
gets worse, it will start to affect the vision, usually by decreasing the upper
visual field and overall making a patient’s vision dim.
To see if Ptosis is affecting your vision, when
watching TV, try lifting both lids to see if this improves the vision. If it
makes things much brighter you may want to consider lid surgery.

Surgery is usually the best treatment for
Ptosis, it is not complicated surgery, but it is still surgery.


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