I found this neat little
experiment in a magazine called Kids Discover (volume 23 issue 6) June 2013.
So it’s a little cloudy
in Pittsburgh this morning, while we are waiting for the Pens win tonight to
light up our lives, let’s try this cool experiment and make our own rainbow!
Do-It-Yourself Rainbow
The Objective: To
demonstrate that light is made up of different colors.
You Will Need:
a pan of water
a flat pocket mirror
a sheet of white paper
a sunny day
 Place the pan of
water in a sunny window or outdoors. Rest the mirror against the inside of the
pan, facing the sun. Hold the sheet of paper in front of the mirror and move it
around until a rainbow appears. You may have to experiment with the position of
the pan, the angle of the mirror, and the placement of the paper.

 What happens is
that the reflection of the water in the bottom part of the mirror acts as a
prism and bends the light waves. Since each color of the spectrum travels
at a different speed, it is bent by a slightly different amount.


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