January is Glaucoma Awareness Month, back by popular demand is our Glaucoma Quiz!!

1) What are
the early signs of glaucoma?
A) Seeing flashes of light and a lot of floaters.
B) Blurred vision, especially after reading.
C) There are no early signs.
D) Believing A-Rod didn’t use steroids.
The answer
is C. One of the scary things about glaucoma is that in the early stages there
rarely are signs or symptoms, and it’s important to find glaucoma early to
minimize its damage.
2) What
causes Glaucoma?
A) Drinking water from West Virginia.
B) Family history.
C) Watching The Bachelor
D) Smoking marijuana
The answer
is B. Glaucoma tends to strongly run in families.
 3) Glaucoma is…..
A) Contagious
B) Made worse by listening to easy listening music.
C) Best corrected with glasses.
D) Usually easily treated when caught early.

The answer
is D. Today we cannot cure glaucoma, but if glaucoma is caught early, it is
usually treated with eye drops.


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