Limbal rings how do you wear them?



You don’t wear them although in some cultures limbal rings are believed to show spiritual purity others believe it to be attractive. Limbal rings are associated with youth and health. Not having limbal rings has not been associated with any health conditions and should not be of concern.

So what are limbal rings? Limbus means border or edge. The limbal ring is a dark ring of pigment around the iris of the eye (The colored part of the eye). Where the sclera, which is the white part of the eye, meets the cornea. What makes it attractive is the contrast – The iris appears more colorful and the white of the sclera is whiter.

Does everyone have limbal rings? Most people are born with limbal rings. As people age, the rings will probably start to thin out and become less visible. This typically happens sometime in your 20s. People with light-colored eyes will have more prominent limbal rings and they are more visible later in life.








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