Love Technology, But Hate Eye Strain?

Welcome to Computer Vision Syndrome. Thanks to today’s technology, we are putting more demand than ever on our eyes.
There are a few simple things we can do to alleviate eye strain when using today’s digital devices. 

1) Be Comfortable! Use a large monitor, if possible, and position your chair so you support your lower back. Adjust your environment so it suits you.

2) Play with the lighting. Too much and too little light will both cause the eyes to strain to see, as will glare. Position your screen in order to reduce reflections.

3) Enlarge your font size. This will make reading so much easier.

4) Blink and take breaks. When you close your eyes, (or look further than 20 feet) your eyes go to their position of rest. Your boss may not like it, but explain to her /him to increase productivity, it is best to close your eyes for 20 seconds every half hour. This will rest your eye muscles and lesson strain.

I hope these tips help you enjoy your devices and keep you connected more comfortably!

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