Outdoor Time is Good for Kids Eyesight

In the past, we have warned about the damage that UV rays can do to the eyes, but sun protection is still important. Time outdoors can also be beneficial for a kid’s eyesight.

More than 40% of people in the US have myopia (nearsightedness) and this number is rapidly rising, especially among school-aged children. Some causes of Myopia are genetics or lifestyle habits. The amount of time spent playing video games, watching television, and prolonged screen time can be part of the cause.

Time spent outdoors is beneficial for physical and mental health. The brightness of outdoor light may stimulate healthy eye growth. One theory is the brightness of sunlight can cause the retina to release dopamine, which may prevent the eye from elongating too much.

Just like other muscles in the body, the eyes need to relax, stretch strengthen, and relax again.

Being outdoors encourages children to focus on distant objects. Research says kids who spend at least two hours every day outside is less likely to develop or delay myopia.

Turns out when your mother told you that sitting too close to the television would harm your eyes, there may have been some truth to it. Just like many other things we do moderation is best. Yes, read a book, and have some screen time. Balance it out with playing soccer or baseball. Children who take part in more outdoor activities are more likely to have other health benefits such as visual development, eye-hand coordination, spatial depth perception and eye pursuit skills.




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