Paper or Plastic?

no, no … I mean the ones under my EYES!!!

Why is it that some
people can stay up all night and look refreshed yet others always have bags
and/or dark circles under their eyes, even if they’ve sworn off late nights and
get enough sleep?

There are a couple of reasons why people get puffy and dark circles under their
eyes. (Class reunions are one!)


1)  AGING – the
thinnest skin in our bodies is found around the eyes, as we get older, guess
what? Yep, it gets even thinner and looser, which allows fluid to pool and
cause puffy eyes. Because the tissue is thin, the veins under the skin are
easier to see, creating a dark appearance.

2) GRAVITY- gravity encourages fluid to collect beneath the eyes, and promotes
dilation of the veins, which enhances the dark appearance.

3) ALLERGIES- nasal congestion can also cause the veins to dilate, aka an
“allergic shiner”.

4) FLUID RETENTION – anything that causes fluid retention, such as menstrual
bloating, will increase puffiness.

5) GENETICS – Your parents have puffy eyes? It’s a little late to pick new


So what to do about
them?  Getting plenty of sleep doesn’t hurt, (it also may not help!), make
sure you treat any medical condition that might be contributing, such as sinus
medication, and limit salt intake. Make up and cold compresses may be of some
help, as is regular use of sunscreen.

Sometimes only the more drastic measures will help, such as bleaching
procedures, laser treatments and cosmetic surgery.


Anyone out there doing
stem cell research on this?????



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