Safe Vision Practices

This week we observed Labor Day, let us take a brief look at safe vision practices while at work.
Each day nearly 2,000 American workers suffer the pain of avoidable workplace eye injuries that require medical treatment.

It costs businesses Three hundred million annually in medical bills, compensation and downtime, and 27,000 days away among private industry reported.

3 out of 5 eye injuries to workers were caused by wearing either the wrong kind of eye protection or none at all.

Common causes of eye injury:
• Projectiles
• Chemicals
• Radiation
• Bloodborne Pathogens
• Computer/Digital

How to protect eyes from injury:
• Know the eye safety dangers
• Eliminate hazards before starting work
• Use proper eye protection.
• Keep safety eyewear in good condition

So when working, practice keeping your eyes safe on the job.




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