So, What Is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a complicated group of eye diseases that can ultimately lead to the destruction of the optic nerve, which causes blindness.
The key word here is “can”. Glaucoma cannot be cured, but it can be treated, however, like a lot of conditions and diseases, the earlier it is discovered, usually the more vision is preserved.
Glaucoma can usually be controlled, but most of the risk factors cannot.
The risk factors for glaucoma include:
1) Family history
2) High myopia (near sightedness)
3) Diabetes
4) Increased ocular pressure
5) Race (blacks and Hispanics have a higher incidence)
6) Age
Glaucoma is also a sneaky disease, because in the early stages, there are no symptoms, meaning you don’t know you have it. By the time you notice your vision is changing, it can be too late. Early diagnosis and treatment can minimize the damage to the optic nerve.
Therefore, it is important to have eye exams, including, at least, an eye pressure check, and possibly a fields and nerve fiber analysis tests (usually repeated yearly) if you have one or more risk factors.

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toby magmire

Glaucoma arrives in various forms and identifying what type of glaucoma a patient has assists in determining what therapy alternatives there are.



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