Subconjuntival Hemorrhages

What a beautiful weekend, I hope everyone had a chance to hunt some Easter eggs.
Speaking of eggs……. a broken blood vessel in the white of the eye looks like ketchup on an egg wrapped in cellophane. Vessels on the white of the eye are weak and can break easily, even with a cough or a sneeze, and they look awful, but they cause no vision problems or discomfort. (If you have a discharge, pain or light sensitivity, this is another story for another day……)
Again these vessels are weak and can break easily with trauma, sudden increase in blood pressure or blood thinners.
Treatment for subconjuntival hemorrhages is just artificial tears to sooth the eye, they can’t help repair the vessel. You don’t want to rub the eye as this can cause re-bleeding.
It can take 7-10 days for the blood to re-absorb, and can change colors, like a bruise.
If you have several of these in a few weeks, you should get a complete blood work up, but if it is an isolated incident, I would just “milk it” and say…. no running the sweeper, no dish washing, no cutting the grass etc………..   lol.


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