The Perfect Summer Shades

First you have to look really cool. NO! The first priority is do they offer the right protection for any time of the year.

  • UV Protection-Make sure they block 99% of UVA & UVB rays. UV rays can damage your eyes in both the long and short term. Exposure to the suns UV rays can quicken macular degeneration and cause cataracts.
  • Polarized lenses – polarized lenses are used to filter out light waves coming in at certain angles. Polarized lenses get rid of glare from surfaces such as water, snow in class. Glare distorts true color of objects and makes them harder to see. Polarized lenses reduce glare, therefore reducing strain on your eyes.
  • Lens color – depending on your outside activities you may actually benefit from different lens colors in your sunglasses. Some sunglass color tints enhance colors you see making them more vivid. Others help distort colors, reduce glare, block light and help improve visual acuity. The right lens tint should enhance depth perception and reduce eye fatigue.

Now that you know more about what kinds of lenses to look for you can find the perfect pair of shades and rock it out!







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