The Right Tool for the Task (Computer Rx):

Do you use a computer or other digital device
more than two hours per day? Do you suffer from dry or tired eyes, head, neck
or back pain during these activities? If so, you may be suffering from Digital
Eye Strain.
Digital Eye Strain is often the result of wearing
lenses with inadequate intermediate vision, which you need for computer work.
ZEISS Officelens is designed specifically to solve this problem.
Other eyewear is unsuitable for computer work.
The problem with reading glasses (cheaters) is that the lenses have no
intermediate vision.  Because of this, the wearer needs to lean in
towards the screen to see clearly, creating unnecessary strain on the neck and
General purpose progressive lenses have narrow
intermediate vision located below eye level; this causes the wearer to lift
their head to view the screen, straining neck and shoulder muscles.
However, the Zeiss Office lens has a wide,
ergonomically positioned near and intermediate vision, with this, it lets
the wearer maintain natural posture for complete comfort all day long.
The Zeiss Officelens gives you clearer, more
comfortable vision for a variety of other activities like cooking, gardening,
gaming and playing music.

Would you build a deck, or work on a car without
the proper tools? Put an end to Digital Eye Strain, and get clear, relaxed
vision all day long.


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