Vision requirements for Pennsylvania drivers



Vision requirements for drivers vary state to state and from license type to license type. The requirements to drive a tractor trailer in Pennsylvania are more stringent than a passenger car.

Visual acuity is the clarity or sharpness of vision. Normal vision is 20/20, for example, someone with 20/40 vision means you need to be at a distance of 20 feet to see what someone with 20/20 vision can see at 40 feet.

In order to drive without correct of lenses you must have 20/70 or better vision during the day and after dark 20/40 or better vision. Individuals with visual acuity poorer than 20/40 with both eyes may drive with a daylight-only restriction. If you do need corrective lenses you must wear them at all times when driving.

In order to hold a driver’s license in PA you must also meet field of vision requirements. Your visual field in clinical terms, is the area of space that you can see at the same time, in other words field of vision is how far out peripherally you are able to see without moving your head or eyes side to side.

With a healthy and normal eye, you should be able to see approximately 95° temporarily towards your car and 60° towards your nose from the center and 60° above and 75° below from the center. In PA your horizontal visual field must be at least 120° wide with both eyes.







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