What Causes Double Vision

Diplopia more commonly known as double vision the definition of diplopia is double vision seeing two separate or overlapping mages of the same object when you should only be seeing one. Double vision can occur suddenly or it can develop over time. Double vision makes it hard to maintain hand-eye coordination therefore making many tasks we take for granted difficult such as driving. Dual images may appear horizontal, side-by-side or vertically, one above the other, Diplopia can occur in one eye (monocular double vision) or in both eyes (binocular double vision). Even though both can be scary at first Monocular double vision is usually not as serious as binocular double vision. Monocular is a problem with the eye and not the brain in most cases. Causes of monocular double vision can include astigmatism, cataracts or dry eye to cause the eye not to align properly.

Double vision can be a temporary problem caused by getting hit in the head, drinking too much alcohol, a black eye, and opioids or as a side effect to seizure medication. Some more serious causes of double vision can be stroke, cornea problems, brain tumor, concussion, infection, diabetes and multiple Sclerosis.

Treatments depend on the cause and type of condition, but can include eye exercises, specifically designed glasses, surgery or Botox injections.

The best thing to do if you do experience double vision is to consult a medical professional some of the issues associated with double vision are life threatening and the sooner treated the better able to survive without permanent damage.

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