Why are Blood Donations so Important

The most important reason is obvious blood saves lives. In certain situations one blood donation can save several lives if someone’s blood is broken down into individual components:

  • Red cells
  • Platelets
  • Plasma

These components can be used individually for patients with specific conditions.

Since the beginning of the pandemic blood, donations have been critically low. The need for blood is constant. On average only 3% of eligible people donate yearly.

Blood is essential to patients to survive surgeries, cancer treatment, chronic illnesses, traumatic injuries, severe anemia, and complications of childbirth.

There are benefits of donating blood aside from the feel-good you get for doing a good thing for humanity.

  1. When you give blood and stimulates the production of new red blood cells.
  2. Donating blood can improve your cardiovascular health.
  3. Giving blood burns calories.
  4. Getting a pre-donation screening gives donors a health update.

If for whatever reason you are not eligible to donate, then become a volunteer at a blood drive. Blood donations are critically needed so if you have ever considered donating blood now is the time to take action. Join I got you tomorrow at 1 PM, the bloodmobile will be parked in front of eyegotcha from 1 to 6. See our website or social media sites for details.

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