Why Does My Dogs Eyes Water Constantly?

am not a veterinarian, but a lot of my friends ask me why their dog’s eyes
water all the time. Dogs can have similar problems as humans.
could be due to potentially a variety of different problems. If it’s something
that he or she has always done, it’s probably not a big deal, especially if the
dog does not look like it is in any discomfort. If it’s a new thing, if it’s
one-sided, if it’s accompanied by redness, squinting, or more of a thick green
discharge; those can potentially be for more serious problems.
Occasionally, blocked tear ducts can do that, because their eyes are constantly
producing a tear film. If there’s no duct for it to drain, then they will spill
It can happen with a tooth root infections. Generally, it will occur as one
sided versus both sides and that would obviously be more serious.
The not as serious things that I can think of that can cause excessively watery
eyes are eye conformation. Sometimes little white dogs tend to look like
they’re crying more because they’ll get tear staining on the face.

if your dogs eyes watering has been going on for a long time, and they look
comfortable, it’s probably nothing to worry about, however, if it is something
new, is on one side, is also making the eye red, or there is a discharge, this
is something you may want to have checked out by your vet.


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