Color Does Matter When Choosing Sunglasses

Remember: It’s important to wear sunglasses outdoors to shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Sunglasses come with lenses in various colors, and the color of the lenses can impact how sunlight is filtered. Different tints or colors may be better suited for specific activities.
If you plan to spend time on the water or in the snow, polarized lenses can help you see your best. They:

• Reduce sun glare
• Help reduce glare from water, windows, the sun, and more
• Are ideal for snow activities, golfing, skiing, and fishing

Choosing a sunglass lens color is easy when you match up your lifestyle and favorite activities with the features and benefits each lens color provides.

Gray/smoke tint sunglass lenses are very popular because they are suitable for both cloudy and sunny days. They are perfect for general, all-purpose use, including driving, playing baseball, tennis, football, soccer, and other outdoor activities. These lenses provide true color perception and are dark enough to provide overall protection. They are great for variable weather, including sunny or overcast days.

Brown or Amber:
Brown or amber sunglasses lenses enhance contrast, making them ideal for driving and activities where judging distance is important. These lenses are beneficial in sunny conditions, as they provide comfort to your eyes and heightened contrast against green landscapes and blue skies. They are great for variable conditions and perfect for driving, racing, golfing, and fishing.

Green sunglass lenses offer superior performance compared to gray and brown lenses. They provide better contrast than gray lenses, transmit color accuracy better than brown lenses, and are suitable for both sunny and low-light conditions. These lenses are perfect for water or field sports such as cycling or skiing, and they provide protection and comfort for your eyes on foggy, cloudy, or bright days. They are suitable for any outdoor activity, regardless of the weather, and they send colors evenly, making them ideal for general use.

Yellow lens tints are commonly used by outdoor enthusiasts who need to focus on moving objects in low-light or hazy conditions. They are also preferred by pilots and gamers for improved contrast. Whether you spend your leisure time in front of a screen, on the tennis courts, or at the shooting range, you’ll enjoy greater clarity and comfort during these activities with yellow-tinted sunglasses. They are perfect for skiing, mountain biking, hunting, aviation, baseball, and tennis, providing greater contrast at dawn or dusk, and in fog, haze, and other low-light conditions.

Blue or Purple:
Blue or purple lenses are both fashionable and practical for UV protection. The blue tint:
• enhances the contours around objects
• color perception is improved
• calms the eyes
• helps to reduce glare in snowy conditions
• great for water sports
• sunny leisure activities.

Whether you’re on the golf course or hitting the slopes, blue sunglass lenses offer several fashion and leisure benefits:
– Perfect for spectators and golfing
– Reduces glare
– Helps to see contours
– Improves color perception
– Fashionable and cosmetically appealing
– Good in misty, foggy, and snowy conditions

Red or Pink:
Red or pink lens sunglasses help the eyes adjust to contrast, providing wearers more comfort. They are often seen as winter sports enthusiasts hitting the slopes. These lenses are great for enhancing depth of field and vision, and they also improve driving visibility. They provide good road visibility, are comforting to the eyes, and help adjust contrast. Additionally, they perform well in most weather conditions, especially in snowy conditions.

Mirror Coating:
For fashionable looks in multiple colors, consider a mirror coating. Mirror coatings provide an ultra-sleek appearance and reflect light for a dramatic effect. Mirror coatings help to reduce the light that passes through the lens, thereby reducing glare. It’s a stylish way to minimize glare while spending time outdoors.
Most importantly any color lenses should offer 100% UV protection.




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