Differences Between Cataracts and Glaucoma

This week’s blog post is
on the difference between cataracts and glaucoma. I wanted to put this in format
for all to understand the differences. 

When I was first
out of school, I had a patient that I diagnosed with cataracts. I was very
excited to teach him everything I knew about cataracts, and then some. I spent
over 45 minutes with him, telling him the signs, symptoms, causes, treatment
and expected outcome.  I didn’t give him
one hand out; I gave him three, reiterating all that I had told him.

I felt very proud of myself, feeling that I had done a good job, telling him
everything he needed to know about cataracts, and then some.

The next day I received a phone call from his son, who said, “My Dad tells me
he has glaucoma.”
Needless to say, he took
all the air from my balloon.

I’m not sure why, but people constantly confuse cataracts and glaucoma, and
yet, they are nothing alike, other than they both effect the eye. Maybe the chart
will lessen the confusion.
The bottom line is,
patients often confuse many eye conditions, just like I can’t tell what’s wrong
with my car when it acts up. So, just like our cars under go yearly state
inspections, everyone should get regular eye exams, because an eye care
professional can easily tell the difference from glaucoma and cataracts. (No
doc, i drive a Lincoln!).


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